2014/03/18 (Tue) 23:42
Chroma P18 by F. A. Porsche Type 301 8-Inch Chef's Knife

GLOBAL has razorsharp straight edge sharpened by hand at a 15% angle. Thinner blades for lighter weight giving you more agility with less fatigue. Perfect balance using a weighted hollow handle. No bolster design allowing for full edge use and full-blade sharpening. All stainless steel construction with slip free handle.

This Asian inspired Messermeister 7-inch Vegetable Knife combines the classic features of a European Chef's Knife with the wide blade style preferred by chefs from the Far East.The chopping cleaver style blade is a full 2-1/2-inch wide, 7-inch long with a blunt spatula tip and a slight rocking camber. The alternating kullenschliffs (a.k.a. kullens, hollows or grantons) on each side of the Knife reduce drag and prevent items from sticking to the blade.

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