2014/07/03 (Thu) 19:04
H2gO MAX Portable Alkaline Water Purifier, 6 Cup (1.5 Liters)

A multi-terrain tactical boot for unsurpassed comfort and protection even under a heavy load and in demanding field conditions across varied terrain from mud-soaked trails to arid desert sands, steep slopes and sheer rock face. The Garmont Tactical T8 boot features a Vibram® sole for maximum traction, stability and shock reduction in nearly all environments or surfaces. The durable upper construction offers excellent breathability and ventilation and the quick drying materials are suitable to an amphibious environment or extremely wet climate.

Perfect deli cuts of your favorite boneless meats are always within reach thanks to LEM Products 1020 10" Commercial Quality Meat Slicer. Finely honed blade rarely needs to be sharpened, even with frequent use. Sharpener is included for when it comes time for sharpening. Sliding carriage and food holder arm ensure consistently smooth and precise cuts. To adjust thickness, just turn the graduated knob. This slicer will slice as thin as 1 mm or as thick as 14 mm and any thickness in-between. Auto shut off feature for added safety.

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